4 Beeps Coming From Your Computer – The Solution

I’ve had an annoying 4 short beeps coming from two different  PC’s for days now (Read on – it’s fixed) and I couldn’t figure what was causing it. I’d even timed it to approximately  every 45 seconds and it was driving me nuts. I’d just have to turn the speakers off. Not good.

This started happening on my old PC first and I did the Googling and came up with a ‘System Timer Error’ or a memory fault.

computer 4 short beeps

As the PC was old in any case, I took advantage of the opportunity to get a new Windows 8 PC. It arrived, plugged it in, up and running and hey, problem solved, no beeps!

Then literally 2 days ago, it started up again, so same ol’ Googling and same ol’ answers, but how could TWO completely different PC’s (The old one was a Windows 2008 Server) develop the same hardware fault ?

I went to the forums for the new PC manufacturer, and it was suggested I ran MEMTEST to check the RAM, which I did (all fine) and I was trying to think what the common element could be between the two PC’s. Since they’re networked I decided to run a virus scan to check (again, all fine) so then I started looking at what was running on the PC.

The inconsistency in the Motherboard/Memory theory was that the machine worked perfectly well and it only happened in Windows.

I’ll short circuit here and say that when I closed down Chrome, the beeping stopped; to confirm I opened it again and the beeping came back – every 45 seconds, beep-beep-beep-beep!

I use quite a few Chrome extensions and it was a process of elimination that led me to Snooze Your Email for Gmail.

Clicking on the options and unchecking ‘Notification Sound’ fixed it


I’ve since read the reviews on this in the Chrome Web Store and I’m not the only one who’s got this. It looks like the Developer has withdrawn it www.jasonsavard.com so I’m going back to Boomerang for Gmail – they’ve got a Free version but the personal at $ 4.99 is probably the best value.

Anyway, hope this helps someone avoid shelling out for a new motherboard or PC – the simple rule is that if there is a hardware fault on the computer accompanied by four beeps, the PC is unlikely to start; if it starts normally, then look at what’s happening in your applications.

Beep Beep!

One thought on “4 Beeps Coming From Your Computer – The Solution”

  1. wow – THANKS / beeping started today
    ran 2 hours of google searching with tons of worthless info
    I had deduced it was chrome (not gmail)
    and reverted to using FF for an hour
    needed all my chrome links = and argh / beeping returned
    so . . .
    one more google search
    now 4 beeps chrome (vs 4 beeps VISTA)
    and found your post
    east remedy
    THANKS !

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